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About Us


Our Purpose is to provide in-home and community-based services that will assist individuals with mental health and physical disabilities and limitations, while also providing support to their families.

We work with clients from all different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, in order to better serve our goal of offering support to all individuals that are in need of assistance and support. 

At Macas Home Care LLC, we motivate individuals in realizing and achieving their highest potential in order to maximize their quality of life and self-sufficiency within their home life and as members of the community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to have a reputation for providing the highest standard of in-home care services by:

  • Earning and maintaining our clients’ satisfaction, trust, and loyalty;
  • Keeping current on the home care industry’s best practices;
  • Complying with relevant government regulations;
  • Providing skilled Direct Care Workers who have compassion and integrity;
  • Ensuring Direct Care Workers remain competent through regular, ongoing testing and training;
  • Being known as the home care agency of choice in our area of service.

Our Values

Our values focus on respecting and acknowledging clients’ individuality, rights, choice, privacy, independence, dignity, respect, and partnership. We recognize that each person has their own identity, needs, wishes, choices, beliefs, and values.

  • Treating and interacting with our clients with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, honesty, and integrity;
  • Recognizing and maintaining confidentiality of client information;
  • Showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicities; sexual orientation, ages, gender, and disabilities;
  • Working as a team with our co-workers and community resources to provide excellent care;
  • Keeping our client’s health, quality of life, and well-being central in our design and delivery of services;
  • Applying continuous quality improvement measures throughout our Agency.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing high-quality and client-centered services/care to our clients to enable them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. In consultation with the client and/or their family, their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood, and met through the selective assignment of qualified, honorable, and compassionate Direct Care Workers.

What is Our Philosophy on Service Delivery?


Independent Livin​g

We believe in independent living and the right of individuals to:

  • Live in their chosen community;
  • Make their own choices;
  • Direct their own care; and,
  • Assume responsibility for their own decisions and choices.

Client-Centered Services

We partner closely with our clients to ensure they are:

Involved in identifying their own needs and concerns; ║ Involved in planning their own care/services; ║ Respected and honored for their choices and decisions;║ Involved in determining how effective their care/services have been; and,║ Included in making needed changes to their care/services.

Services We Provide

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Parkinson’s Care

Post-Stroke Care

Special Needs Care

Cancer Care

Hospice Care


What Are Our Responsibilities?

Our primary responsibilities are to:

  • ensure that Direct Care Workers meet the state’s competency requirements;
  • review Direct Care Workers’ competency at least annually and more often, if indicated;

  • document face-to-face interviews with all Direct Care Workers and independent contractors;

  • provide ongoing, competent and appropriate supervision of Direct Care Workers

  • carry bonding for Agency staff; 

  • carry general liability, professional liability (if appropriate) and other insurances as necessary;

  • meet the standards of Worker’s Compensation;

  • conduct criminal background checks and child abuse clearances , if applicable, on all staff; and maintain documentation confirming these clearances have been done;

  • advise clients whether Direct Care Worker is an employee of the Agency or is an independent contractor;

  • ensure home care service delivery standards are met;

  • ensure federal, state, county & municipal legalities are researched and applied;

  • adhere to labor regulations;

  • develop contingency plans;

  • make deductions for social security, Medicare and other taxes; 

  • conduct needs assessments, with your/your family’s input;

  • develop Care Plans with your/your family’s input; 

  • ensure that clients do not endorse checks over to the Agency;

  • establish and monitor appropriate professional boundaries; and

  • abide by our own policies, procedures and bet practices.

  • Consult with relative professionals regarding the Care Plan (as required);

  • be part of, or coordinate, a health care team to provide for the client’s needs, as indicated;
  • establish goals with client/client’s representative’s input and strive to meet these goals;

  • provide clients with written documentation of :

  • the services that will be provided;

  • names of the Direct Care Workers assigned to deliver service;

  • hours when services will be provided;

  • fees for services and total costs

  • maintain the your/your family’s confidentiality, privacy and dignity;

  • maintain professionalism and a code of ethics;

  • avoid inflicting its personal values and standards onto clients;

  • be alert for and report signs of elder abuse;

  • obtain immunizations (such as flu shots) when required unless such an act is contrary to personal beliefs and/or medical conditions;

  • ensure Direct Care Workers and Independent Contractors, exposed to clients, undergo screening tests to ensure they do not have an infectious disease such as Tuberculosis and/or Hepatitis;

  • be aware of the cost portion that other parties (e.g., Medicare & Medicaid) will be responsible for, when clients receive third party financial assistance; and, know what charges they will not cover;

  • when requested, ensure clients have access to all service invoices pertaining to your service, regardless of whether the bills are paid out-of-pocket or by another party.

  • provide clients with the Department of Health’s telephone number for registering complaints;

  • ensure that staff do not assume Power of Attorney or Guardianship over any client, who is receiving services from the Agency

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

Certain segments of the population will find our services especially beneficial including

1) People Who Are

  • frail; elderly; and housebound;
  • terminally, chronically, or acutely ill;

  • accident victims; 

  • family Caregivers; and,

  • recently discharged from hospital;

  • physically or mentally challenged;

2) Individuals needing assistance with, or guidance in, developing life skills; and 

3) Anyone without the time or desire to handle their own home needs and maintenance.

Our services are available to private citizens and a wide range of agencies, institutes, corporations, groups, and all-level governments.

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