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Cancer Care


Cancer is a physically and emotionally exhausting illness for the patients and their families. The curative treatment may entail several sessions of chemotherapy, multiple hospital readmissions for clinical interventions, follow-up sessions with the onco-specialist. All of this can cause the patient to develop an aversion to the overall treatment protocol.

The family members also start experiencing anxiety due to their loss of control over the situation.The coordination of different clinical services, caring for the patient, making frequent hospital visits.


We offer high-quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

Continuity of Care

Our approach to cancer care at home is based on the idea that patients should continue to receive the attention of their specialist without hospital admission. The continuity of care and specialist’s follow-up protocol at home for the patients improves the treatment outcome.

Daily Patient Monitoring

Our team monitors the vital signs like BP, pulse, temperature, etc. of the patients on a daily basis and digitally records them for quick and easy access. Daily monitoring also helps our Care Doctors identify the early warning signs of distress and act quickly before the situation worsens

Pain Management

We work with pain management specialists to extend their treatment at home for pain relief. Our team measures the intensity of pain on NRS scale to offer pain management intervention at home. Our approach is focused on bringing relief to the patients and improving their quality of life.

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