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What Services Do We Offer?

We deliver non-medical services to clients living in their own homes and communities to assist in the maintenance and retention of their independence and well-being. Our services include:

Personal Care

We provide assistance to clients to perform their self-care activities, which they normally do on a daily basis in including:

Bathing and washing hair ║ Basic skincare ║ Medication reminding.║ Feeding and special diets; and,║ Transferring and positioning; ║Mobility assistance; ║ Toileting and incontinence care;║ Grooming and dressing; ║Oral hygiene;


We help clients with certain key life tasks they need to manage in order to live independently at home including:

Light housekeeping ║ Meal preparation; ║ Linen changes; ║Medication reminders; ║ Transportation; Shopping, appointments; ║ Transportation for appointments, errands & shopping;║ Recreational activities & outings; ║Laundry;


Caregiver Respite

Our Respite services provide relief to primary Caregivers (e.g., a spouse, son, daughter, friend or relative) a break from providing supportive and supervisory care to someone who is dependent on their presence or assistance. Respite can be for a few hours or a few days depending on the individual situation. It can be provided occasionally, or periodically on a regular basis. 

Respite w​ill enable Caregivers to:

  • Deal with a crisis:

  • Take a planned, brief absence, such as a vacation;

  • Have an opportunity to rest, relax and catch up on sleep;

  • Spend quality time with friends and family; and,

  • Take time for themselves to exercise, shop, do personal care, and run errands.

  • Deal with their own medical issues (e.g., appointments, procedures);

Respite services, which we can provide when Caregivers are absent include:

  • Medication assistance (e.g., reminders, removing medications from Blistopax);

  • Homemaking (e.g., cleaning, laundry);

  • Meal preparation and clean-up;

  • Help with exercises (e.g., range-of-motions exercises); and,

  • Promote well-being (take out for walks, conversation).

  • Assistance with personal care activities (e.g., oral care, bathing, dressing, mobility, and grooming);


Our Companionship services provide non-medical, basic supervision to ensure a client’s safety and well being. Personal or hands-on care is not provided in this category. Some activities Companions perform include:

  • playing games/cards, reading to clients;
  • helping to keep clients in contact with family, friends and the outside world;
  • providing transportation and escort assistant to medical appointments, grocery store and errands;
  • accompanying clients to recreational and/or social events;
  • teaching/performing meal planning, preparation and serving;
  • reminding client to take their medication; and,
  • reminding client to start or finish their meals.
  • talking listening, sharing experiences;
  • providing friendship and emotional support;


Transportation services are offered to eligible clients using Agency, private and clientowned vehicles, providing the transportation services are specified in the Care Plan and other specific criteria are met. Before any transportation services are approved, you are required to read, accept and sign the Agency’s Transportation Liability Waiver form, which absolves our Direct are Workers or any Agency Representative from all claims, which may arise from operating a Motor Vehicle, in which you are riding

If you ask an Agency Representative to transport you in a vehicle that you own or provide, you must show proof of valid vehicle insurance prior to being transported. In addition, the Agency Representative will observe the vehicle to ensure its safety equipment is in good operating condition. If the vehicle appears to not be in good working condition, the Agency Representative will refuse to drive it. Prior to being transported, you must ensure that a copy of your Health Insurance information is with you in the vehicle, in case of an emergency. In addition to our regular service fees, you will be charged a mileage rate for transportation services when a vehicle provided by the Agency or an Agency Representative is used.

Friendly Reassurance

Friendly Reassurance provides regular contact with homebound people via telephone, digital means or in-home visits to assure their well-being and safety. Generally, contact is made by telephone and/or home visit based on the individual client’s Service Plan. 

The goals of friendly reassurance are to:

  • assure a client’s safety, well-being, and comfort;

  • provide companionship. 

  • provide social interactions; and,

Friendly reassurance promotes peace of mind for clients and their families. In the event of an emergency, ““9-1-1”” is called and relatives are notified.

Live-In Care and 24-Hour Care

Live-In Care and 24-Hour Care are provided to individuals who cannot be left alone at any time. Often, these people are housebound. Support is provided 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days per year. Live-In support offers an alternative to Assisted Living Care where services are provided in a facility setting. Generally, people who require Live-In Care, have: 

  • Temporary health conditions, which will improve in time (e.g., Traumatic Brain Injury);
  • Chronic conditions, which require increasing support with age and deterioration of condition (e.g., Multiple Sclerosis);
  • Terminal conditions, which result from injury or illnesses and will not improve (e.g. Cancer).

The Direct Care Workers assigned provide personal, social and domestic care and supervision at a level, which is appropriate to the individual client. 


Funding Sources

Possible funding sources you may want to check out include:

Veterans Programs ║ Liability Insurers ║ Long-Term Care Insurers ║ Other Options ║ Worker’s Compensation ║ State Non-Medicaid Programs

Limited Government Payors, e.g.:

 Original Medicare Benefits ║ Medicare Advantage’s Benefits ║ Medicaid ║ Medicaid Waiver ║ Medicaid Consumer Directed Services ║ Medicare

What are Our Staffing Practices?

We apply stringent practices when recruiting employees and comply with state and federal regulations, equal opportunity requirements, and non-discriminatory regulations. Applicants must consent to background checks, as part of the hiring process or their applications will not be considered further. Background checks include:

  • Criminal records;
  • Sex and Violent Offenders Record;
  • Child Abuse Clearances (if indicated);
  • Currency of licenses,
  • Certifications & registrations;
  • Medical suitability;
  • Drugs and alcohol usage; and,
  • Motor vehicle records.

Direct Care Workers have successfully completed the required training courses and been assessed for competency. They have current CPR certificates. They were tested for Tuberculosis; received Tetanus and Diphtheria immunizations and have been offered the Hepatitis B vaccinations. New employees receive a comprehensive orientation, which includes Agency policies, related governmental regulations, industry standards. All employees undertake scheduled, job-related training and development programs on an annual and as-needed basis.


We are committed to promoting respectful, courteous, and successful communications with all our clients and their families. 

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